Data Back-up

Your Business Needs A Quality Backup And Recovery IT Services Solution

Most businesses need to store data to provide their services or to offer the best experience possible for their clients. Some businesses have extremely valuable data, including documents on new products that are still in development or personal information about their clients or employees.

Losing the data your business needs could be disastrous if you do not have a backup and recovery solution. Data loss can occur for a number of reasons, including human errors or hardware malfunctions. Recovering data that was accidentally deleted or that was stored on hardware that malfunctioned can take time and will definitely slow down a number of business processes.

You can avoid finding yourself in this difficult situation by looking for a reliable data backup and recovery IT solution now. Buzz Computers offers a comprehensive backup and recovery solution adapted to the needs of your business.

We can offer a solution compliant with the regulations that apply to your business and we make sure you will be able to adapt the solution to the needs of your business. You can prevent data loss and make recovery a lot easier by choosing Buzz Computers as your managed service provider.

The Importance of a Back-up System

Backing Up Your Business Data

The data gathered and stored at your place of business is vital to your success. This is why it is essential that you have a reliable back-up system; however, understanding how to implement a backup system can seem overwhelming.

There are several things to know and include in your backup system.

Automatic Back-ups

Your data should be automatically backed up. Back-ups can be scheduled after-hours to prevent slow downs and incomplete data conversions. Buzz Computers can schedule your back-ups to run after hours, on weekends or however often your data needs to be backed up.

Offsite Back-ups

An offsite back-up protects you in the event of a theft, fire, or other emergencies in your business. Offsite back-ups allow you to keep a copy of your backed up data at a separate location without the necessity of carrying a portable hard drive.

Back-up Verifications

Nothing is worse than having a server or computer crash only to discover that your latest back-up is corrupt. With our back-up verification system, you need never worry about whether your back-up was completed. You will get a notification that your back-up was complete.

Back-up Monitoring

Buzz Computers’ Managed IT Services configure and monitor your back-ups. The primary benefit of this type of monitoring is many issues are prevented or found before they become an issue.

Do Not Wait

It is imperative that you develop a back-up plan and put it into action today to save you both time and money. It is less expensive to prepare for a data loss than try to recover your lost data after a data loss. If a data loss occurs, it will take you time to get your systems back up and running. By establishing a back-up plan, you can keep your business running and your data safe.